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Zach Vander Veen is the VP of Instruction at Abre.
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Yourls. An Abre Review


URL shorteners provide many advantages to schools and districts. In this Abre Tool Review, we take a look at the open-source software called "Yourls".

Yourls. An Abre Review2019-09-18T13:58:31+00:00
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The Power of Having All the Eyes


Abre acts a town square for all things in education. As parents, students, and staff start their learning with the Abre landing page, school leadership has a unique opportunity to reach every single eye. Join our guest, Missy Knight, as we learn best practices for engaging with all the stakeholders in your school and district.

The Power of Having All the Eyes2019-09-19T19:20:34+00:00
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Spreadsheet Hell. An Antidote.


At this moment, in every single school and district in America, someone is plumbing the depths of spreadsheet hell. K-12 is about piecing together data to not only understanding the workings of a school but also to continuously report back to state department of education.

Spreadsheet Hell. An Antidote.2019-09-11T21:02:19+00:00
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The Machines Are Good at This


Terms like “personalized learning” and “AI-driven instruction” and “adaptive learning” become buzzy. We view algorithms in awe and wistfully predict their power in shaping human cognition. I think it’s prudent to ask what is edtech really good at doing? Consistently, and over a long time?

The Machines Are Good at This2019-09-05T14:44:22+00:00
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Welcome Back: The 2019 Shoutout


Welcome back educators, parents, students, and community partners. Thank you for your commitment to learning and helping the learner. We hope this year is excellent in many ways.

Welcome Back: The 2019 Shoutout2019-08-27T18:29:14+00:00
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Best Practices for Using Abre Announcements


Abre Announcements are a powerful feature to engage the learning community. Learn best practices for using announcements within your school and district.

Best Practices for Using Abre Announcements2019-08-23T12:48:09+00:00
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Helping Students with Distractions


With devices in the hands of many students, how do schools help with classroom distractions? Learn how teachers maintain student focus with helpful technology tools and thoughtful design.

Helping Students with Distractions2019-08-28T12:39:27+00:00
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Abre and Device Assignment


Framework Post— 5 Min Read Using Abre to

Abre and Device Assignment2019-08-19T13:22:19+00:00
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CodiE: 2019 SIIA Finalist


For over 30 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards have honored thousands of software, education, information and media products for achieving excellence.

CodiE: 2019 SIIA Finalist2019-07-11T11:57:44+00:00