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A Village of Learning

Mission statements. Vision. Core beliefs.

Schools frequently bring their stakeholders together to write, revisit, and adapt them. Sometimes this comes with new leadership, sometimes as a reflection of changing education priorities. Mission and vision are essential. They set the course.

A prominent theme to all school mission statements: Grow students.

That is, broadly, the purpose of school.

Defining growth is where the details are important (and where variation occurs with Mission and Vision). How do schools achieve growth? And equally important, who is involved in growing the student?

The who is the village. It’s teachers, parents, neighbors, family, friends, and other students. It’s local businesses that sponsor internships, churches that tutor kids after school, and YMCAs that host health classes.

Yet in having the village help students achieve their potential, we can’t help but notice points of friction. How do schools communicate to the various stakeholder partners? How do such partners best match up to certain students? When they are matched up, how does everyone get the resources to best help the students?

Equally important, how is all this done safely with parents and students maintaining their agency in receiving support?


Abre brings students, staff, parents, and the community together.

Technology can help. This is where a real platform creates ways for meaningful, relevant, and safe connection.

Abre is such a platform. Abre means open. We’re opening schools to connect to the wider community to inspire full community engagement. We’re helping grow students by connecting them to a broader village of learning.

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