Blog Post – 3 Minute Read

Abre Customer Summit 2019. A Reflection.

“Collaboration and augmentation are the foundational principles of innovation.”

Vaclav Smil

A highpoint of the year is our Customer Summit. Few moments are more fulfilling than bringing customers together to share how they use Abre, what ideas they have for the future, and brainstorm with the Abre team. We love the productive conversations, the “ah-ha” moments, and the laughter.

This year’s Customer Summit was hosted at the University of Cincinnati’s 1819 Innovation Hub (1819 being the founding year of the University of Cincinnati). Our keynote speakers featured Elizabeth Pierce, CEO of the Cincinnati Museum Center, who spoke on how the Cincinnati Museum Center works with schools to create opportunities to collaborate for impact. Did you know that the Museum Center is running free STEM for Girls programming? Or that the Museum will bring primary source materials to your school? The afternoon keynote was Chris Powell, CEO of Talmetrix. Chris addressed the key skills employers are looking for and what students need to thrive. A key thrive factor is Learning Agility – the ability and willingness to learn from experience and apply that experience in new situations.

Customers led the day

Our customers share our ethos of collaboration and developed sessions to share their use cases for Abre and also broad strategies around change management and community collaboration.

Dustin Mundey shared three years of lessons learned with deploying Parent access in Abre.

The fantastic crew at Ross Local Schools (Becky Tompkins, Tricia Kluener, and Sarah Kiefer) spoke on how to really drive engagement within the Abre platform.

Allison Curran and Corrine Hayes presented a thoughtful (and rich) conversation on how to develop a meaningful and rigorous curriculum within Abre.

Innovative Approaches to Curriculum

Roundtables were held on analytics (what do schools really want and/or really need?) and Abre community engagement.

Keith Millard gave a deep dive into using forms to create effective education plans.

West Clermont’s Mike Overbey rocked a session on how to introduce new initiatives to staff (always a complicated process).

Our Customer Success team lead an energetic workshop on how to create effective and engaging Learn courses.

Cincinnati Public School’s Nerferife (Ife) Bell gave a fascinating and relevant talk on creating partnerships between schools and the surrounding learning community.

The Best Parts

The richest parts of the day were the conversations where we all shared ideas, built on them, asked for help, and worked through similar (but slightly different) issues faced by the learning community. There is power in collaboration. As we grow as a company and as a community, we continue to strive to create more opportunities for collaboration.

And we look forward to our 2020 summit!