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An Introduction to the Community Series

A good and happy new year to all! We’re starting 2020 with a focus on community. Through a series of posts, articles, and interviews, we’ll examine how technology helps strengthen the bonds of the broader learning community.

On any day of the week, schools might host church basketball leagues. Community organizers run English language learner courses for local refugee groups. The YMCA helps coordinate and lead tutoring groups for students. Parents spend time in the school library using Chromebooks to apply for jobs.

During summer, food trucks go into the surrounding neighborhoods to bring lunches to kids and their families. They provide internet access and peanut butter sandwiches to help kids learn. Football games, always a central draw of a community, shout with life on Fridays in the fall.


Community & Character

The school district fosters the character of the community.

The community, in turn, lifts up the school.

Schools provide the pulse, the nexus, of a community. And why not? We all have vested interests in raising children. It’s central to who we are as people.

How does technology, everything from social media to online learning to smartphones, affect this bond?

We look forward to exploring this question!