Blog Post— 5 Min Read

Finding & Creating the Right Visuals

Visuals are essential to any social media interaction. A snappy graphic, photo, or drawing pauses the reader and encourages engagement. Visuals help control a narrative.

In our most recent webcast, “The Power of Having All the Eyes,” a viewer asked what technology tools we recommend for creating impressive visuals quickly. Opening our toolbox, we find two particular web apps incredibly helpful.


Canva provides professional layouts for a multitude of projects. With a drag and drop interface, it makes creating presentations, Facebook covers, Twitter posts, and infographics a breeze. You get access to a wealth of resources and objects – some free, some at a cost – to add to your layout. You can even upload your own photos.

If I want to start a narrative about a school’s homecoming dance, I would:

  1. Snap a picture of my students dancing
  2. Login to Canva
  3. Pick the “Social Media” layout
  4. Pick a template
  5. Upload the photo
  6. Tweak the text

Once created, I’d download the image and insert it into my school feeds like Facebook, Twitter, Abre, and the school website.


Let’s say you don’t have the right image to use in your school photo gallery. You need an exciting picture of basketball hoops, chalkboards, computers, etc.. Where do you find quality images (while also staying on the right-side of copyright law)? The answer: Unsplash!

Image Example

Example of a fun image from Unsplash.

Unsplash collects high-quality images that are free to use under a Creative Commons license. You can search through their growing collection of pictures, download the image, and adapt the image to your social media posts by using Canva!

Quick and Fast

Time is always of the essence in education. Both of these tools empower creators to develop quality visuals in relatively little time. We recommend their use when developing feature images for Abre announcements.