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Welcome Back: The 2019 Shoutout

The courtyard in front of Cincinnati Public’s School for the Creative and Performing Arts is filled with students today. Kids play basketball, hopscotch, and generally just run around and scream with laughter. A few teachers join in a game of foursquare.

The school is just around the corner from our offices. When I need to stretch the legs and the mind, I’ll head over to Washington Park and pass the courtyard. The students remind me of our education roots. The excitement and nerves of the first days of class. The challenge in new procedures and new curriculum. The return of the routine. Fresh starts always present unique opportunities, both for the educator and the educated.

Daily Active Users
We suspect Netflix has the inverse of our graph.

A seasonal joy is to see our analytics monitor jump at this time of year. Summers are quiet. We’re able to complete a lot of development work in the summer. School startup brings the opportunity for staff development and customer engagement. The entire Abre team loves seeing the reaction new customers – be they staff, students, or parents – when they encounter Abre for the first time. Simple and easy to use, Abre comes naturally to many of them.

We started last year with 17 customer districts. We’re starting this year with more than 40. We continue to expand our app offerings and improve our current app lineup. Our community continues to engage and grow with us, never hesitating to offer constructive ideas for features and examples of using Abre within their schools.

We sincerely appreciate our community and want to welcome them back. Welcome back educators, parents, students, and community partners. Thank you for your commitment to learning and helping the learner. We hope this year is excellent in many ways.

The start of the school year is both the start of a new beginning and a continuation of learning. We look forward to working with communities in starting something grand and continuing the experience of learning.

We will grow with you.

And if there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know.