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On Communities and Schools


A conversation with Cincinnati Public School's Ife Bell. We focus on the larger community that surrounds schools. Specifically, how might schools partner with their local community to help all students.

On Communities and Schools2020-03-30T17:45:02+00:00
  • Episode 2: Feature Image

Tribe Seekers: An Interview with Marni Durham


Marni Durham is the Assistant Superintendent of Butler Tech Career Technical Schools. In this podcast we cover a variety of topics ranging from building excellent teams, to the excitement of career technical education, and the role of edginess in education.

Tribe Seekers: An Interview with Marni Durham2020-03-06T20:43:19+00:00
  • Episode 1: The Introduction

The Introduction: Open to Learn


This is the first episode in a podcast about learning. That is a phenomenally broad topic. But that's okay. It lends itself to fun interviews and good stories. And opens the door to learning within learning.

The Introduction: Open to Learn2020-03-06T20:49:55+00:00