Presentation — 60 Minutes

Abre | Simplifying Software

Thank you for attending this session at OEDSA 2019! We’re excited to discuss how Abre assists school districts and ITCs in integrating many of the data points required for the state. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions at any point.

Abre is an education management platform. First developed in a local Ohio school district, it came to serve multiple needs, foremost being data integration.


We’ve provided a brief outline of our presentation. Expect detours!

1. Welcome

We’re excited to discuss Abre, an Education Management Platform, and how it helps EMIS coordinators and ITCs integrate functions.

OEDSA Presentation
OEDSA Presentation

2. Your Presenters

Zach is the VP of Instruction at Abre. With nearly 20 years of experience in education, he’s served as a Director of Technology, an Instructional Coach, and a Social Studies Teacher.

David has a number of years in education and the software business. He currently serves as the Director of Software Applications at the Hamilton/Clermont Cooperative Association.

Feel free to contact them via email.

3. Defining the Problem

School data is complex. Frequently siloed, sometimes messy, and often laborious.

OEDSA Presentation
Providing Order

4. The Solution

Abre provides order to the mess. With clear paths for students, staff, parents, and community stakeholders.

5. What is Abre?

Think of Abre as an operating system in the cloud. The hub is the system. And on top of that system are education applications

6. The Hub

The hub peforms key functions. It is the entry point into Abre.

7. Abre Apps

Besides integration, Abre hosts a number of native apps that do everything from curriculum, to HR, to data analytics.

Abre Apps and Hub

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OEDSA 2019

An Example: The Students App

The Students App helps all stakeholders gain the full picture of a student. It provides a centralized dashboard that combines data from student information systems, 3rd party assessment tools, and additional Abre Apps.

A central goal is for educators to understand their students quickly, effeciently, and with little fuss.