Presentation — 45 Minutes

Focus. Helping Students with Distractions.

How do we help provide a means for students to maintain focus when the internet offers so many distractions? Learning takes focused attention. This presentation covers a solution for helping student learning. Focus is a web app that lives on the Abre platform. It provides a secure browsing experience for delivering guided lessons. Students and teachers use the Focus App to visit approved websites for learning.

Our Objectives

  1. Introduce the Abre Platform and some basic features.
  2. Demonstrate how the Focus App works from teacher and student perspectives.
  3. Examine best practices for designing technology-infused lessons that keep students focused on learning objectives.
  4. Detail the ways organizations can launch Focus in their schools (open-source Community Edition as well as Software as a Solution).


Laura Bubnick
Laura BubnickDirector
Laura is the Director of Instructional Technology for North College Hill City Schools in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her areas of expertise include technology leadership, curriculum integration, distance learning, and professional development. She has served as a district-level technology coordinator, as well as an instructional technology consultant focusing on district-level LMS rollouts and deployment of Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365.
Zach Vander Veen
Zach Vander VeenVP
Zach Vander Veen is the cofounder and VP of Instruction at, Inc. He’s worn many hats in education including History Teacher, Technology Coach, Administrator, and Director of Technology. He loves learning, teaching, traveling, and seeking adventures with his family.

Presentation Outline

What is Abre?

Abre is an education platform. It hosts education apps that provide solutions. Solutions such as Professional Learning, School Management, and Data Visualizations.

Think of Abre as an education operating system. It’s where school happens.

Abre is based on an open-source project. What does that mean? The open-source project provides source code for the Abre Hub that can be downloaded, modified, and used by anyone (like students or staff).

Learn More About Abre
focus lesson

Create Guided Lessons

Teachers can list the websites they want their students to visit. Teachers can also set permission levels on websites visited – from least to most restrictive.

Kiosk App for Chromebooks. Or Chrome Extension.

Students launch Focus with a code. Once launched, they can only visit the websites approved by their teacher.

Split Screen Favorites

Students can split screen between two websites for dual focus skills. For example, when using a Google Doc while reading primary text.

Additional Resources