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Grades. The Kiss Principle.

Grades. Few topics in education spurn debates, emotions, and strong views like grades. People have opinions. We get that. There are many ways to view

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Showing Up

Learning happens beyond the walls of the physical classroom. How can schools track attendance when students participate in work-based learning off-campus? Abre has a simple solution.

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Consolidating Resources Using Abre Shortcuts

Whether school starts online or in person, the reality is that schools use a variety of online tools in the education process. This collection of tools can get messy. Students, staff, and families can easily find themselves in a situation where they’re continually looking for the right resource at the right time. Fortunately, Abre makes this easy with Shortcuts.

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Student Graduation Plans

Starting with the class of 2023, Ohio students are required to create and maintain a graduation plan that takes into account the various pathways towards